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Définitions: training Dictionnaire de français Larousse.
Aucun sujet n'est' lié à cet article. Soyez le premier à réagir. Poser une question. Définitions de training. anglais training, entraînement. Chaussure de sport, possédant généralement une tige basse de textile ou de cuir et une semelle cuvette en caoutchouc.
training noun Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes Oxford Advanced Learner's' Dictionary at OxfordLearnersDictionaries.com.
Back to Top. Practical English Usage. English American English Academic English Collocations Practical English Usage German-English English-German. Definition of training noun from the Oxford Advanced Learner's' Dictionary. BrE BrE / / tren / /.; NAmE NAmE / / tren / /.
training Definition of training in English by Oxford Dictionaries. English logo. Oxford University Press logo.
Home British World English training. Definition of training in English.: 1 The action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behaviour. in-service training for staff. More example sentences. I have years of education and training in telecom repair but I went for two job interviews today.
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Training autogène définition Psychologies.com. fermer-header.
Les applis mobiles. Definition du mot Training autogène. Technique de relaxation. Les nombreuses techniques de relaxation existantes découlent du training autogène de Schultz. Cette technique originelle apprend à se relaxer n'importe' où, n'importe' quand, sans que l'on' ait besoin d'autre' chose que la force de sa pensée.
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Training Definition of Training by Merriam-Webster.
a process by which someone is taught the skills that are needed for an art, profession, or job.: the process by which an athlete prepares for competition by exercising, practicing, etc. See the full definition for training in the English Language Learners Dictionary. training tr-ni Kids Definition of training.
CCM18035 Claimant Compliance Manual HMRC internal manual GOV.UK.
Child Benefit and Tax Credits: Definition of Approved Training. For Child Benefit, approved training means the training courses provided under the following Government programmes.: Foundation Learning Programme. Access to Apprenticeships. Note: All Entry to Employment courses were transferred to Foundation Learning by July 2011.
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Gait Training Definition and Patient Education.
Choosing gait training over immobility may help protect and improve your overall health. Who can benefit from gait training? Your doctor may recommend gait training if youve lost your ability to walk due to an injury, illness, or other health condition.
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Définition de training Dictionnaire.
Action tendant à donner ou à recevoir une qualification dans un domaine donné. Les synonymes Mediadico de training.: 1: entraînement, préparation. Les synonymes Word de training.: 2: jogging, footing, survêtement. Les synonymes WordNet de training.: 2 Anagrammes de training. Nombre de lettres.:

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