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Use training in a sentence training sentence examples.
It was the city of his seminary training in an attempt to resurrect his past he'd' visited. Kiera liked her mind the way it was, liked roaming through the hallways and spending the mornings in training with the little boys out back.
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Training Make it in Germany.
There are some 350 occupations requiring formal training in Germany. We present five vocational training courses in occupations that are currently much in demand in Germany. Guide to Vocational training in Germany. Youve opted to do your vocational training in Germany?
formation gestion comptabilité
training Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
be in training In some cases, junior doctors still in training have been enlisted to teach. give/offer/provide training Providing adequate training helps to develop a high level of motivation in a sales force. have/get/receive training She has received very little training.
Training in Ireland.
This course is aimed at experienced Road Safety Auditors who are seeking to comply with the European Directives requirement for further periodic training in Road Safety. This course is recognised by Transport Infrastructure Ireland for maintaining CPD as a Road Safety Auditor in Ireland.
training in/on WordReference Forums.
For the context you have given I would say training in. I would say training in for any abstract training, training in a concept or any kind of mental information. I would use training on only for specific objects/machinery etc.
The TWIST training in addictions FEDITO BXL asbl.
The TWIST project Training WIth Stakeholders applying EU drug and addiction research is designing a training strand on using addiction research and knowledge, with the participation of the target audience early stage professionals and stakeholders from multiple sectors, to be delivered within the frame of the forthcoming Lisbon Addictions 2017 conference LxAddictions17, on 24-26 October 2017. During the evaluation of first edition of the LxAddictions Conference in 2015, a demand was detected to go beyond the usual conference communication formats, and complement the programme with an integrated training event to explore a selection of hot drug and addiction topics in-depth, and build capacity among different stakeholders, using novel interactive dynamic learning formats, knowledge and experience exchange, and multi-sector networking environments.
i am in training Traduction franaise Linguee.
Due to my personal situation. subspeciality trained; 4 chil dr e n in 6 ye ars after completio n o f training; p hy sician husban d I am i n cr easingly intere st e d in t h e apparent inflexibility of.

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