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Training of Trainers ToT ReliefWeb.
Our dedicated team of experienced consultants and researchers supported by our highly qualified management aspires to provide expert, top-quality consultancy, monitoring and training services to international and local NGOs, businesses, donors and third parties with vested interest in different aspects of humanitarian action.
The Training of Trainers Certification Programme: an International Forum for Agents of Change ITCILO.
The ToT Certification Programme supports the improvement and/or achievement of the core competences of the training cycle see the graph plus a transversal competence: being updated, creative and able to practice learning innovation. Learning innovation will include the following themes.:
Training of Trainers TOT Program Success Center.
Part IEBP Core: Two days of intensive training on the science of learning, masterful facilitation techniques and micro-skills, as well as skill practice on EBP strategies. Part IICurriculum Specific: Two days of intensive training on the key components of a specific EBP.
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Training of Teachers.
Aflatoun has trained tens of thousands of teachers, through in-service and pre-service workshops of between three days and three weeks duration. It does so through a global network of hundreds of Regional Master Trainers many of whom work within teacher training institutes.
Training Wikipedia.
According to the United States Department of the Interior, a proper OJT plan should include: An overview of the subjects to be covered, the number of hours the training is expected to take, an estimated completion date, and a method by which the training will be evaluated.

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