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The Train 1965 Rotten Tomatoes.
Franz von Waldheim Paul Scofield is ordered to move the priceless works of art from the Jeu de Paume Museum to the fatherland. The head of the museum Suzanne Flon attempts to convince Labiche that he should sabotage the train on which they are transporting the art.
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And the plot is based on the characteristic of railroads-engines and cars all over the tracks, cabs and steam-all shown on enough detail to keep the viewer in great suspense The aerial strike shots are also wonderfully taken The film begins in Paris, August 2, 1944 It's' 1511th day of German occupation The liberation of Paris seems very close Nazi Colonel Von Waldheim Paul Scofield decides suddenly to remove by train to Germany the best of Impressionist masterpieces His objective is clear: Money" is a weapon.
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The night after the collision, Labiche and Didont meet Spinet again, along with young Robert the nephew of Jacques, the executed Rive-Reine station master and plan to paint the tops of three wagons white to warn off Allied aircraft from bombing the art train.
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Persons who wis h t o take the train e x cl usively for the remaining. part of the journey within the territory of the Member. States shall receive clear notification prior to the train's' departure that they will be subject to entry checks during the journey or at the station of destination.
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However he is introduced to the real Roma Kapoor. The woman he met on the train is identified as Richa Malhotra, a temp who had worked there briefly. He goes to Roma's' apartment, which he realizes is actually in the process of being rented out.

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